The possibilities?

  • Play all your favorite songs, even possible without reading sheet music!
  • Through a solid learning method to play guitar.
  • Various styles such as classical, pop, (hard) rock, rock`n`roll, blues and jazz.
  • Fingerpicking or learn finger style technique.
  • Stroke playing with or learning or improving without a pick.
  • Solo Guitar: learn to play, or continue working on your solo technique.
  • Our focus on phrasing and articulation.
  • Monthly at Strijp-S, we have a get together with the other students and play a fun session in a relaxed atmosphere.

Jan met gitaar

In a lesson we can together create a personal learning plan.
We look at what and how you want to learn exactly:
– Identify target
– sheet music and / or tablature (tabs)
– What methods
– The musical (s)
– Electric or acoustic, or both, of course.
– techniques
– Music theory

Frequency and duration:

weekly or bi-weekly lessons.
duration: 30, 45 or 60 min.

Do you have an irregular schedule, or maybe you work in shifts, we can provide a solution!
We can plan the lessons from Monday until Friday between 09:00 and 22:30.